Quality That Endures

At the end of the day, the most important thing about your home construction project is the quality of the construction. No one wants to build a home that looks beautiful today but quickly falls into disrepair tomorrow. At Baker & Sons Construction, we use the best materials and the most reliable practices to ensure that each custom home project will stand the test of time. We build excellence into every home we have the privilege to build.

Custom Built Homes

Custom built homes are a big part of our business. With years of experience, which include not only the complete oversight of custom home projects but also performing the specific tasks involved in home-building, we are able to provide insight and advice to our customers. We will walk through each step of the process, helping them make informed and sensible choices, enabling clients to build the home they want while staying within the constraints of their budget.

Finished Custom Homes

In addition to building custom homes at the direction of individual homebuilders, Baker & Sons Construction also builds custom homes that are offered for sale upon completion. We put the same attention to detail and dedication to quality into these homes. The only difference is that we make all the “custom” decisions instead of the homebuyers. By focusing on popular features and a neutral decor, we have found that our homes appeal to a variety of homebuyers. To browse our custom homes that are currently for sale, visit our¬†Homes for Sale page.

Outdoor Living

The beauty and functionality of a home does not end at its four walls. Opportunities for enjoyment and entertainment can easily extend into the yard around a home too. Hardscapes, patios, and decks provide a comfortable place to gather with friends and family. Our experience with projects like these enable us to create a space that looks great and is well-built to last for a long time. We apply the same principles of quality and craftsmanship that define our custom homes, helping homeowners add to the beauty and value of homes with a functional and appealing outdoor living space.

Remodeling or Building On

Families grow and situations change. Sometimes the home that so perfectly fit your needs a few years ago can suddenly seem painfully small or woefully inadequate for your current needs. ¬†Unfortunately, homes don’t grow or change on their own; they require the substantial task of building on or remodeling. Baker & Sons Construction has the experience and expertise to take on any remodeling project or building addition, no matter how large or small. We will apply the utmost care and attention to detail to any remodeling project from start to finish.

Storm Damage Repairs

Damage from storms or other unexpected events can necessitate an immediate repair or replacement project. Our team of construction professionals will get your home and your life back to normal. We can repair damaged roofs, broken windows, and even larger structural damage.